Go camping whith tent, motor-home or caravan in Savoie

A truths camping, where all the types of accommodations have their place, with chalets, cloth accommodations, but also and especially locations to put your tent, your caravan or park your moter-home.

A small family campsite

  • The camping at the Ourson in Savoie has 28 places for tents, caravans and motor-home, a kitchen, dining room, living room.
  • There is about 80 m² of shade, electricity is available, and for camping cars there are facilities to remove dirty water.
  • Table and garden chairs on every site.
  • It is possible to park your vehicle on the place, or take advantage of the parking at the entrance to the campsite
  • In winter, sites are cleared the snow (no automobiles are to be driven without snow tires or chains).

A "bio" camping

Generally camping areas don't pay much attention to wild plants. But at the Camping Ourson we take care of the wild plants for the insects and butterflies.

Artificial fertilizers and weed killers forbids in the camping.

I don't use salt on paths in winter.

Botanical garden (the edible plants of Chartreuse).


Prices per night

Faites glisser les tableaux des tarifs s'ils n'apparaissent pas entièrement !

Prices per night BOOK
Site 3,20 €
Adult (with stay tax) 4,40 €
Childs 4/14 (with stay tax) 3.20 €
Electricity 3A 2,80 €
6A 5,60 €
10A 9,30 €
16 A 14.90 €

Lodge 2 peaple

Installed in the shade, this lodge is ideal for the couples.

Built on a wooden floor, with arrangements for clothes and patio, the lodge is already equipped to sleep. Windows with mosquito nets and black-out blints.

Soft bed, bedding and towels are provided.


One night, all-inclusive, free access to the kitchen of the campsite 36 €, Beyond the 7th night, 32.40

Open in winter, but no heating


Tents already set up 4 peaple

Discover the pleasure of camping without the trouble of bringing all the camping equipement.

The tent size is 20m² with an area of 150m² around the tent.

Built for 4 people, the tent is already set up on wood decking. The tent consists of 2 rooms, one with a double airbed and the other with 2 single airbed. The kitchen is equipped whith a gas cooker, cafeteria and fridge.


A day with electricity and stay tax, 40 €, after 7 nights, 36.00 €.


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